How to find your ancestor

Most family historians will be looking for numerous surnames of Victorian ancestors spanning several generations on their paternal and maternal sides.  Type the surnames into the Search box or, if you prefer, scroll down the list of names.  More names will be added as they become available, so please keep looking.

Often the town of the photographer will be near where your ancestor lived.  Sometimes, however, photographs were taken during holidays in places like Brighton or Scarborough or where the sitter was educated or worked.

Please also note that we may have found it difficult to decipher some handwriting so look for potential variations of your ancestor’s name including in the first letter; so Boyd might be Royd and Harlow may be Marlow. Initials (especially J, T, I and S) are particularly hard to read. H and M are often confused as are N and W.

What we offer

We offer good quality scans of both sides of the CDV or CC.  We do not sell the originals.

Where we know of a connection to other names (often because the photo came from an album containing other relatives) we shall let you know. Often this information is in the Comments field of the spreadsheet.

In certain circumstances we offer some family history research and a dating service so that you can identify in which decade the CDV was taken. Prices on application.


Cost of front and back scans of each photo. £10

How to order

Please send us an email to with the name(s) and reference number(s) from the list. Please also include your name and email address.

All payments will be to our account – details for this will be sent to you via e-mail – payment must be received prior to us sending your chosen scan(s).

About us

We will always aim to respond promptly to correspondence but there will be times when we are away and we request your patience. We hope to recover our costs over a few years of operation but our main motivation is to reunite families with the faces of their ancestors.